The Details…

Delivering expert data recovery services, remotely, to clients world-wide is our mission. In operation since 2011, we’ve achieved a record of success even in the most complex of cases.

We specialize in three main areas…
– Single hard drive data recovery
– Multi-drive NAS / RAID data recovery
– Deleted file / folder recovery

Remote Data Recovery Flat Fee Pricing
“No Data — No Fee”
Recovery Type Price .
Single Drive $200 One SATA or one external USB hard drive.
NAS / RAID $350 For 4 drives or less. Add $100 per each additional drive.
Deleted File $200 Power-off the drive ASAP for best chance or recovery .
D I Y Consulting $50/hr Have sensitive data? Perform your own recovery with direction from us over chat / phone / emiail.
Free Free We perform one free recovery per week. Submit your case via email.


Most data recovery cases are suitable for remote recovery but not all. Contact us to begin a free, no obligation, assessment of your case…

– E-Mail:
– Call / Text Message: 617 506 9392
– On-Line Chat: Click to open chat

We aim to deliver fast, cost efficient, high quality results in a safe and secure fashion. The recovered data includes the original file names, folder structure, and time stamps.

Shop around and you will see that no one delivers a faster data recovery experience at a lower price point. Unlike other providers we do not up-sell for urgent data recovery cases.

This service is owned and operated by Stephen Haran an On-Line Data Recovery Consultant with a 20+ year corporate IT background. For more about Stephen view his LinkedIn profile.

Curious and want to learn more? Browse the comments submitted by past clients. They do a good job of explaining what can be achieved with our remote data recovery service. See the comment section on the right side of this page or click here.

Example Case Studies…

Single Drive Recovery: From the Gulf Standard Timezone consider a client with a 500GB Seagate Momentus, model ST9500325AS. This was formatted as Exfat and used as an external USB drive. The drive is detected by Windows and appears in Windows Disk Management as unpartitioned space. The user is presented with a pop-up window asking to format the drive.

This is a classic profile of a failing drive. Bad / unreadable sectors on the drive affecting the file system meta-data result in Windows not being able to detect the Exfat file system. Further attempts to work with the drive cause the drive to drop off-line and a reboot is required to regain access.

The client identified one pdf file as most important to recover. We targeted the pdf for extraction and four hours into the recovery process it was successfully saved.

Continuing with the recovery we were able to copy 99.5% of the failing drive onto a spare drive and fully recover most all user data. Unfortunately a small number of files were damaged. A filelisting identifying the damaged files along with a damage ratio was delivered to the client. …Time-To-Recover: 3 days, Fee: $200

Four Drive NAS/RAID5 Recovery: From the Pacific Daylight Timezone consider a client with a Thecus N4100Pro NAS built in 2009 with four Western Digital 2TB WD15EADS-00R drives. The client reports after replacing one failed drive and attempting a rebuild a second drive has failed and the Data Volume can now no longer be accessed.

This type of NAS failure, where a second drive fails during rebuild, is often seen on older NAS devices. In the span of 6 hours and using a technique called hyprid-imaging we were able reassemble the RAID5 in degraded mode and present the 2.5TB DataVolume to the client over the local network as a network share to gain access to important data as soon as possible.

Continuing with the recovery we were able to copy 99.99% of the Data Volume onto a spare drive. There were 8 files that could not be recovered. The 8 files were reported to be unimportant by the client. Had they been deemed important additional steps are possible to achieve recovery.…Time-To-Recover: 2 days, Fee: $350

What we do (and no one else does it this way)…

– Briefly stated, we perform remote data recovery operations to save the data on your internal hard drive, external USB drive, RAID array or NAS box such as Western Digital ShareSpace, Lacie, Synology, Seagate BlackArmor etc.
– All recovery work is performed remotely by connecting to your computer over your existing high speed Internet service.
– This means data recovery is possible on any computer no matter where it may be located anywhere in the world.
– We specialize in drives that suffer from so called “logical” failures ie. bad sectors, lost partitions, raw drives, accidental formatting, RAID crash, etc.
– There’s no need to extract, package, and risk further damage by shipping out your damaged hard drive.
– Note, unlike other remote recovery services, it is not necessary for your computer to start up into Microsoft Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

How it’s done….

– You contact us by email and we give you the link to download the image file (.iso) used to create a data recovery CD or USB flash drive (Your choice).
– After downloading is complete you burn the image file onto a blank CDROM disc or USB flash drive.
– You then connect the newly created recovery device to your compute and simply boot from CD or USB.
– Sit back and relax there’s nothing else you need to do. we handle the rest.
– During boot up a temporary data recovery software environment automatically loads on your computer.
– Then a secure encrypted link is automatically created from your computer to our server here at the Boston office.
– Now the remote data recovery process can begin.


– Your failing hard drive(s) must receive power, spin up, and be detected. (If no power removing TVS diodes may restore power, contact us to learn more.)
– Your laptop or desktop computer must be connected to the Internet by a network cable. Wireless connections are not supported.
– In some cases you may need to attach an external USB drive to your computer so there is a place to store your recovered data.


– Physically damaged drives can not be repaired using this technique, eg. shock / flood / fire.
– Drives making repetitive, non-random, clicking noises will require physical data recovery. Contact us for a referral.


– Q1. I’m skeptical. It sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?
– A1. There is no catch. Our remote data recovery service combines existing proven technologies along with years of experience to make this unique service possible. Winning over the skeptics is perhaps our biggest challenge. See our statement about trust

– Q2. Is my data safe? Do you copy my data over the Internet?
– A2. Your data is never copied over the Internet. If needed your data is copied to storage you provide locally at your site. Keeping your data secure is a top priority.

– Q3. Then what data does travel over the Internet?
– A3. Very little, only the keystrokes needed to operate recovery software programs are transferred over the Internet. And even this data travels over a secure encrypted link.

– Q4. Can you also recover data from an external USB drive?
– A4. Yes. This technique will also work on USB drives. But in some cases you may need to extract the drive from the USB enclosure and directly attach it to your computer.

– Q5. Is your Free Data Recovery service really free?
– A5. New in 2020 I’ve switched from a donation model to a “Flat Fee” model. But yes there is still a free option. Every week one case is selected for free recovery.

– Q6. How “fast” is fast?
– A6. RAID / NAS recovery can often be performed in a matter of hours. Single drive recovery will vary depending on the size and extent of the damage to your hard drive. In one recent case, a 320GB drive suffering from bad sectors, it took 24 hours to perform a full recovery. Once connected to your system and the recovery process begins a more accurate time estimate can be provided.

– Q7. My lost data contains very sensitive information. Can you talk me through the recovery so I can do it myself?
– A7. Yes there is a do-it-yourself data recovery option to help you self-recover. We can assist you via phone, chat, or email.

– Q8. You seem to know Linux very well do you also offer Linux consultation services to assist with general Linux problems?
– A8. Yes Linux consultation is also offered using online meeting/screen view software, and not just Linux, Windows as well.

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